SVP Unitrol HandHeld Siren/Controller (LCS880)

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The Unistar™ Command Centers combine full features into one keypad driven unit. The LCS800 & LCS881 series are dash or console mount 200 Watt sirens with an 8 function light control switch panel and traffic director controller (LCS881 only). The LCS880 & LCS881 series are new ergonomically designed, handheld versions of the LCS800 & LCS850 Unistar™ Command Centers. They feature a 7 function light control switch panel, and a traffic director controller (LCS881 only). The control heads feature dual-color (Red & Green) lighted keypad, a 4-position progressive slide switch with LED indicators, LED speaker diagnostics, an attached noise canceling PA microphone, and is available with or without a flush mounting flange. Selectable operating modes are Wail, Yelp, Phaser, Manual, Alert, and Radio. Operating tones are Wail, Yelp, Air Horn, Phaser, Manual, and Two-Tone. Positive or negative switching for AUX and Park Kill inputs. The Unistar™ Command Center is protected against speaker shorts with a self-resetting circuit and a high & low voltage shutdown feature. These units also feature, integrated horn ring transfer output, jumpers for option selections, public address override, and separate volume controls for the radio repeat and public address functions. The amplifier and switch box mounts conveniently and connects to the control head through a telephone style cable. Ships complete with wire harness w/positive locking connector, mic clip, mounting bracket, hardware, 30 standard function labels, RFI filter, and instructions.

Product Features:
LED speaker diagnostics
Wail, Yelp, Airhorn, Phaser, Manual, and Two Tone
Self-resetting circuit protection against speaker shorts
Integrated public address microphone
7 light functions
Dual color backlighting on keypad (Amber & Red)
Four position progressive slide switch with LED indicators
Park Kill input
Auxiliary input
Positive locking wiring harness included
Universal mounting bracket or Flange mount available
Replaceable jumpers for option selection
Positive and negative switching for AUX and PKILL inputs
High and Low voltage shutdown protection
Truck mount amplifier
30 Standard function replaceable labels
Drives one or two 100 Watt speakers

Weight: LCS880 8.5 lbs. & LCS881: 9.5 lbs.
Output: 100 or 200 Watts (1 or 2 speakers)
Voltage: 10V - 16V DC
Frequency: 675-1633Hz
Amp Draw: 8 Amps (per speaker)

Control Head: 3 3/8"H X 6 3/4"W X 3/4"D
Amplifier: 2 1/2"H X 7"W X 7 3/8"D (plus 3/4" flange)

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