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AWL Venom Interior Lightbar

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The AWL Venom is a super bright interior lightbar that features 10 LED modules, each section containing four 3-watt LEDs. The Venom Interior Lightbar has an internal flasher which features a synchronized memory flashing, and contains up to 30 various patterns. Included with the bar are two full sets of visor mounting brackets. Flash patterns are able to be changed via a push button located on the cigar plug, or the bar can be hardwired by removing the cigar plug. This universal interior bar can be mounted using your visor in only a matter of minutes!

The latest version of the AWL Venom Interior Visor Bar now comes with two different sets of mounting brackets. One set of brackets provide the quickest and easiest mounting method for our customers. Our second set of mounting brackets can be used by our customers who prefer a more customized fit. The mounting bracket sets are interchangeable, and it's up to you which set you prefer to use. Traffic advisor patterns can now be wired directly into your switch panel or controller to utilize the maximum functionality of this bar. The most affordable interior light bar has just been made that much better!

Simplicity, functionality, and quality combined to maximize your warning power.

AWL Venom 3.0 vs. AWL Venom 4.0:
We've improved our best-selling interior bar again! The all-new AWL Venom 4.0 still has 10 total modules, but we've added one LED to each module and upgraded the LEDs from 1-watt to 3-watt LEDs. The optics have also been improved to create a more concentrated light beam meaning the light output will be seen from even further away. Take advantage of the great savings on the remaining Venom 3.0 bars in stock, or upgrade your current bar with the all-new Venom 4.0!

Product Features:
Latest Generation LEDs
30 different flash patterns
Two sets of mounting brackets
Independent traffic advisor capabilities
Cigar plug included for easy installation
Push button on cigar plug for patterns

Color Configurations:
Below are the standard color configurations that the AWL Venom Interior Bars are built as. Modules can be easily switched into a different position by removing the module's two screws and unplugging the plug-and-play connector. This feature allows our customers to make the bars the exact color configuration they want!
Red/White: half red, half white
Blue/White: half blue, half white
Red/Blue: half red, half blue

17.8" L x 4.6" W x 1.6" H*
*Dimensions per side; each side unit is connected by a 16" cord.

We've got you covered with our 5 Year Warranty. No Bull!

User Manual (Venom_Installation-Operational_Guide_V2.0.pdf, 490 Kb) [Download]

Very bright mounted in 99 f150 the one set of brackets were the ones that fit, tight and center on the front glass many awesome patterns love the ability for t/a and takedown and the secondary pattern low profile very bright behind 35% tint highly recommend extra $$ and get the 4.0 fast shipping too
Bought this light almost 2 yrs. ago and it's still going strong. Used it in the front visor of my Tahoe and now use it in the rear deck of my Crown Vic. It fits perfect on each side of the 3rd brake light. Very bright with many different patterns.
I bought mine in 2013 for my Silverado. It has been since installed in a Yukon, Sierra, Hyundai Accent and now a Wrangler. These are the brightest lights I've ever owned. My Chief says they're stupid bright and he knows my vehicle from a long way out...day or night.
The mounting hasn't been a huge hassle for me, however, the flashback has. I, very shortly after its first response, made guards out of plexiglass, (that go on the outside bottom), with black adhesive Velcro strips inside, (on the light side), to absorb and block some light from the inside of the vehicle. It took about two hours, including the time to procure the plexiglass. The modification worked perfectly and is adjustable for different vehicles. If they offered a similar setup, I'd be very happy to but it along with my next two sets of these for my other two cars.

Love the product!!
This is second one I have bought! I love them! I work for the Dept Of Transportation and we use these for our emergency response. They are low profile and when on they really move the traffic! Great Lights! The brackets could use a little tweaking but still a easy install.
I bought the Venom interior light bar about 3 months ago and let me tell you.. it was by far the best investment I had ever made! The lights can be seen for miles, it was like I had died and gone to light heaven.

Not only were these lights so great, but the customer service and company that I had bought them from had given me the best guarantee anyone could offer. I have been searching everywhere and sometimes I find a cheaper price, but let me tell you the box comes in tip top shape, you won't even find anything to complain about. I am going to buy two more for my Pappi and my son as 4th of July gifts.

If you wanted to buy some quality lights and know that you have the best customer service available to you with just the touch of the button I would recommend you go to Advanced Warning Lights! 10/10

Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Great light, mounting and making a custom flash guard took some creative thought but it is well worth it. Compared to my friends visor light (which actually cost more) this is visiably brighter and really moves traffic. Had it for a few months now and am very satisfied.
Bought this for use in an unmarked police vehicle. We are very happy with this interior light bar ....... Bright Bright Bright!
I personally believe this is the brightest light on the market for the price. As a volunteer Firefighter I don't have a lot money to blow on lights. but for the money you cant beat it.
AMAZING LIGHT! It is so bright, that even some of the cops in my town are jealous of it. Simple to install and use. I own a bigger suv (98 expedition) so the brackets didn't work in their normal positions, but after moving some things around, it fits like a glove in my truck! I'd recommend this light to anyone!
I had high hopes after reading all the excellent reviews and it did not let me down! This light is extremely bright during daylight and its absolutely blinding at night. I see me purchasing more from Advanced Warning Lights in the future.
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