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AWL Venom Interior Lightbar

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The AWL Venom is a super bright interior lightbar that features 10 LED modules, each section containing four 3-watt LEDs. The Venom Interior Lightbar has an internal flasher which features a synchronized memory flashing, and contains up to 30 various patterns. Included with the bar are two full sets of visor mounting brackets. Flash patterns are able to be changed via a push button located on the cigar plug, or the bar can be hardwired by removing the cigar plug. This universal interior bar can be mounted using your visor in only a matter of minutes!

The latest version of the AWL Venom Interior Visor Bar now comes with two different sets of mounting brackets. One set of brackets provide the quickest and easiest mounting method for our customers. Our second set of mounting brackets can be used by our customers who prefer a more customized fit. The mounting bracket sets are interchangeable, and it's up to you which set you prefer to use. Traffic advisor patterns can now be wired directly into your switch panel or controller to utilize the maximum functionality of this bar. The most affordable interior light bar has just been made that much better!

Simplicity, functionality, and quality combined to maximize your warning power.

AWL Venom 3.0 vs. AWL Venom 4.0:
We've improved our best-selling interior bar again! The all-new AWL Venom 4.0 still has 10 total modules, but we've added one LED to each module and upgraded the LEDs from 1-watt to 3-watt LEDs. The optics have also been improved to create a more concentrated light beam meaning the light output will be seen from even further away. Take advantage of the great savings on the remaining Venom 3.0 bars in stock, or upgrade your current bar with the all-new Venom 4.0!

Product Features:
Latest Generation LEDs
30 different flash patterns
Two sets of mounting brackets
Independent traffic advisor capabilities
Cigar plug included for easy installation
Push button on cigar plug for patterns

Color Configurations:
Below are the standard color configurations that the AWL Venom Interior Bars are built as. Modules can be easily switched into a different position by removing the module's two screws and unplugging the plug-and-play connector. This feature allows our customers to make the bars the exact color configuration they want!
Red/White: half red, half white
Blue/White: half blue, half white
Red/Blue: half red, half blue

17.8" L x 4.6" W x 1.6" H*
*Dimensions per side; each side unit is connected by a 16" cord.

We've got you covered with our 5 Year Warranty. No Bull!

User Manual (Venom_Installation-Operational_Guide_V2.0.pdf, 490 Kb) [Download]

Venom arrived quickly and well packaged. Easy to install and loaded with flash patterns. Make NO mistake..... this thing is BRIGHT! It's blinding during the day so you can imagine what it's like at night. I notice people getting out of the way a mile or more ahead of me since i installed it! Great price.... Great product!!!!!!!!
The AWL Venom arrives securely packaged and with all necessary parts. The universal brackets available don't fit EVERY vehcile but are easy enough to work with to custom make a solution that works. The light output is incredible compared to other similarly priced products. Most importantly, the staff at AWL is more than helpful in every way!
very bright light, def. worth every penny.....I have a Dodge Avenger and I have mine behind the front wondow tint strip that is tinted 5% and you can't see the light at all when it's not on but when it is you can't even tell the tint is there very bright and moves traffic day or night I have told every one about this light and the customer service is outstanding as well, def. a 10 out of 10 light and thank you Advanced Warning Lights for giving us emergency responders product's that we can actually afford. will be ordering much more from here. Keep up the great work!
Great Light. Moves traffic easily and can't be detected behind the upper tint in the windshield. And you can't beat the price and customer service.
Firstly, I want to say that this light bar is simply stunning. I called before buying and got an answer to my phone call, the man I spoke to was very helpful. I received the product within a week (I ordered just before the weekend too) and the packaging was decent.

Pros: This light is BRIGHT. I installed it behind 80% blocking tints and it's still very visible even in daylight. The housing is aluminum and seems very durable. The cable is nice and thick and has aluminum shielding inside it; it feels very robust. It's 1/3 the price of competitor equivalent lightbars. The mounting is great but I had to use my own hardware to install, which probably ended up being a good thing. The controller they recommend is excellent and easily mountable and installed. It has auditory feedback for button presses and doesn't feel too cheap. Yes, you do get what you pay for but with this light and some light compromise you will get more than what you pay for.

Cons: There was some light paint chipping on one of the aluminum lips straight out of box. This is irrelevant to me because it was extremely small and I did not buy the light for aesthetics. The wire although quite long was about five inches too short as I had mounted the lightbar in my rear window and it is a bit hard to find a matching wire. I managed to find one at a home depot and while it was not strand it still worked well. The screws included with the controller did not fit the mounting. I had to pull two screws from the lightbar mounting and use them with nuts.

Notes: I had to modify my roof liner a bit to make the product fit well, which I expected.

Overall: I had to make a few small compromises but I am INCREDIBLY happy with this lightbar. The few compromises I made were worth the $300+ that I saved. I am incredibly happy with the staff and the site. I would recommend this product to friends.

Primary use: EMT POV
Couldn't ask for a better light for the price. Very bright and mounts up very easy.
GREAT light bar I love this light it was easy to install and I have it behind 10 percent tent it looks great and moves traffic day and night. best light for the money and its worth more than what there selling it for I give it a 10 out of 10
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