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AWL Linear Interior Lightbar

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The AWL Linear Interior Lightbar is a great solution for maximum warning in an undercover package. The bar is loaded with 10 modules, each containing 6 1-watt LEDs with Linear optics. The AWL Linear Interior Lightbar is unnoticeable when not illuminated, but will be sure to clear a path when activated!

The AWL Linear Interior Lightbar is a unique two piece unit which mounts to your existing sun visor brackets. All necessary brackets are included for an easy installation. There is a LED indicator located on the rear of the unit which displays the current pattern that the bar is on. Also located on the rear of the bar are six buttons  which control the different features of the bar such as a power button, a button to scroll through the 26 flash patterns, three traffic advisor buttons, and a takedown light button. A cigar plug with a lit and fused on/off switch is included for a quick and easy installation, however the unit can be hardwired as well. 

Product Features:
Sleek design with clear lens for a stealth look
26 user selectable flash patterns
Includes wire harness with cigar plug for easy installation
Headliner brackets are included for mounting
Integrated traffic advisor feature included in the bar
Control panel and LED display located on rear of the unit

Voltage: 12VDC
Meets or exceeds SAE standards
Generation III Linear LED technology
LED flash pattern indicator
Traffic adviser patterns on separate switch
Self contained internal flasher
6 Linear LEDs in every module (60 LEDs total)

Each housing is 17-1/8" long, 1-3/8" tall
The depth of the flash shield is 4-1/8 at the outer ends & 6-1/8" at the inner ends
The connecting cable between the housings is 11.9" long

We've got you covered with our 5 Year Warranty. No Bull!

Install Sheet (Linear_Interior_Light_Bar_Install_Sheet.pdf, 692 Kb) [Download]

Wow, extremely bright! awesome flash Paterns. Took a while to arrive due to being in back order, but so worth the wait. Will be recommending this light.
Super bright easy to install great directions and awesome price would buy and recommend again.
This light is amazing. The videos of it don't do it justice. Easy to install, very lightweight. These lights are way brighter than I thought they would be. Even during the day time people will know you are coming. I was asked by someone on scene if I could turn them off because they were so bright.
I am a volunteer firefighter and use these to get across my traffic filled town with ease. Its like the red sea parts when I flick these bad boys on. They are ultra bright, easy to use, and worth the money.
Also the owner is awesome and great with his customer service! I recommend this to anyone who needs affordable and super bright lights.
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