AWL SmartStick Cigar Plug Extension Cable

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This cigar plug extension cable includes a quick-connect plug that attaches to the AWL SmartStick wiring harness for effortless pairing. The cigar plug has a momentary switch for selecting flash patterns, and an on/off/on switch for activating both Warning Mode 1 and Warning Mode 2. The extension cable extends the standard 11.5 foot wiring harness on your AWL SmartStick with an additional 11.5 feet of cable.

What is Warning Mode 1 & Warning Mode 2?: We've increased the functionality of our light sticks by enabling our customers to choose two different flash patterns that can be individually controlled via this cigar plug extension cable, or by hardwiring the unit into your vehicle. The most common use for two different modes/flash patterns that we see is having one mode for Response and one mode for On-Scene. For Example, you may want a rapid flash pattern while responding, but then want a slow pattern for when your vehicle is stationary on scene. The AWL SmartStick Cigar Plug Extension Cable enables you to quickly switch between these two modes with the convenient on/off/on switch located on the cigar plug.

  • AWL SmartStick 4 (part #LS-SS44)
  • AWL SmartStick 6 (part #LS-SS46)
  • AWL SmartStick 8 (part #LS-SS48)